RF Skin Tightening is done with our Accent Radio-Frequency machine which is a dual-layer radio-frequency thermotherapy treatment that helps lift and rejuvenate loose skin, improving it’s firmness and texture. FlashLaser Aesthetics is uniquely qualified to perform this treatment as our medical professionals participated in the FDA trials of this equipment. It is a great option for:


  • Tightening loose, delicate skin on the face and neck

  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles

  • Minimizing the appearance of cellulite

  • Treating sagging skin on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, breasts, or thighs.

  • Improving the overall shape and firmness of the skin on face or body

One of the best ways to describe the Accent treatment is to think of a piece of bacon. Before it is cooked, it is stretched out, but as it heats up it constricts. The Accent handpiece uses radio-frequency to generate heat in the tissue under your skin, causing it to constrict naturally and generate new collagen. This radio frequency is dual-layer, meaning it uses both a Bipolar module, which focuses on the surface layer of the skin, and a Unipolar module which focuses on deeper tissues. The practitioner will use the handpiece to focus heat on specific areas and hold it at a therapeutic temperature. The technology heats the layers of your skin gradually, so it is comfortable. The result is a smoother, tighter shape to the skin and the entire treated area.

Before an Accent treatment, all you need to do is drink plenty of water. This allows the radio-frequencies to generate heat the most effectively. Treatments are one hour long and do not require any general anesthesia or numbing. Most patients report a deep warming sensation. There is no prolonged recovery time and patients can resume their daily activities right away. Any risk of significant side effects is extremely low.


Accent Body Contouring - Face and neck - $225

Accent Body Contouring - Body (selected area) - $180


Accent Body Contouring
Before and After X Accent Body Contouring treatments on the abdomen over a X week/month period.
Accent Body Contouring
Before and After 2 treatments
Accent Body Contouring
Before and After 6 treatments
Accent Body Contouring
Before and After 2 treatments
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