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Injection Lipolysis

Spot fat reduction by the means of injecting fat dissolving medication is called injection lipolysis, or lipodisolve. The introduction of Kybella has resulted in a renewed interest in local fat reduction. At FlashLaser Aesthetics, Dr. Hiscox has more than a decade of experience in injection lipolysis, which he has used for fat reduction for both large and small areas of the body . Injection lipolysis is not a means for overall weight loss, however it is an effective way to get rid of problem areas such as on the thighs, legs and stomach where stubborn fat just won't go away with exercising alone. It’s also an ideal way to smooth out lumps and bumps that can occur after liposuction.

Treatments are surprisingly comfortable since we use exceptionally tiny needles and there is only a small amount of medication in each injection.  You should plan for up to a week of swelling before the beneficial effects become apparent. Patients notice fat reduction over the next several weeks, and the treatment can be repeated as needed, usually up to three times in a given area. In order to determine if you're a candidate for injection lipolysis, you'll need a consultation with the Doctor. 

Lipodisolve- $825

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