Spot fat reduction by the means of injecting fat dissolving medication is called injection lipolysis, and has also been called Lipodissolve.  The introduction of Kybella has resulted in a renewed interest in local fat reduction.  Dr. Hiscox has more than a decade of experience in injection lipolysis, which he has used for both large and small area body contouring.  Injection lipolysis is not a means to reduce general body weight, but is a way to reshape problem areas, such as superficial tummy fat, love handles, inner thighs, bra bulges, and certain areas of the neck.  It’s an ideal way to smooth out lumps and bumps that can occur after liposuction.

The treatment works by injecting a mixture of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid (the active ingredient in Kybella) into the fat layer under the deepest layers of the skin.  The medication destabilizes the outer membrane of the fat cells, causing them to break apart (or “dissolve") resulting in the death of each fat cell affected by the injection.  Your body then clears out the broken cell parts, including the cell’s inner store of fat that was released.  There is swelling and tenderness during this phase, followed by tightening and shrinkage of the treated area.  Unlike liposuction, there is a tightening of the overlying skin, with no “excess skin” afterwards to cause unsightly irregularities.


Treatments are surprisingly comfortable since we use exceptionally tiny needles and there is only small amount of medication in each injection.  You need to plan on up to a week of swelling before the beneficial effects become apparent.  Patients notice fat reduction over the next several weeks, and the treatment can be repeated as needed, usually up to three times in a given area.


You need an evaluation with the doctor to determine if you are a candidate for injection lipolysis, so please contact us to set up your evaluation.


Injection Lipolysis
Before and After treatment in the abdomen as well as Accent Body Contouring
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Injection Lipolysis

Before and After treatment in the abdomen as well as Accent Body Contouring