Sclerotherapy is the treatment of varicose, reticular, and spider veins. Treatment can be done on all parts of the body to improve the physical appearance of unsightly veins. Sclerotherapy can be done by injections or using Vein-Gogh for smaller spider veins.

Sclerotherapy by Injection

Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a biological detergent into the vein. This solution irritates the lining of the vein, which causes it to stick together, stopping blood flow. The vein then closes off and ideally dies. This process can take up to a week. Once the vein is dead, your body works to naturally remove it from your system. You will be able to see changes in color and firmness for 3-6 months. Veins close to the surface will show for a longer period of time, while deeper veins disappear more quickly. Larger veins will take longer to heal.


After a treatment, compression hose should be worn for 1-2 weeks to keep the veins from refilling. Your cooperation with this will greatly improve your results. Re-treatment can be done in about 6 weeks. Typically a vein responds fully after two treatments, but a 3rd treatment may be necessary. 

Spider Veins are affected whenever the larger veins are treated, so if you have both we recommend starting with the larger vessels, thus reducing the need to treat connected capillaries.

30 minute Sclerotherapy treatment - $500


VeinGogh is a minimally invasive procedure that is a wonderful treatment option for smaller veins and lesions too small to be addressed by sclerotherapy. This vein treatment uses microburst technology to eliminate small spider veins and networks of veins on all areas of the body. This microburst technology uses heat to collapse damaged veins, which will eventually fade and be reabsorbed by your body.


VeinGogh uses a small stylus with a tiny fiber that is inserted into the vein. This fiber delivers a microburst of controlled heat energy directly to the vein, damaging the vein walls and sealing it shut. Your body automatically reroutes blood through nearby healthy veins, and the damaged vein collapses and fades away.  


A typical VeinGogh procedure only takes a few minutes, and is not painful. There is no downtime after a VeinGogh procedure, and you can go about your normal routine following a treatment. You will begin to see immediate results, with veins fading more completely over a few days to a week. Should one treatment not provide you the full results you were hoping for, multiple treatments may be necessary. Most patients see their spider veins completely eliminated after 2 or 3 treatments.

15 minute VeinGogh with Bristle/Ballet Tip - $125


VeinGogh can also be paired with IPL to allow a greater concentration of treatment on a specific area.

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