No one enjoys Acne - Please check out these tried and true treatments!

Acne Facials
This 1 hour facial is the perfect solution to congested pores. It removes white heads and  plugged pores that often sit under the skin but do not come to a head.  Our RN has 17 years of experience and supports your dermatologist's instructions.   All facials include a Clarisonic cleaning, a mask and steaming, followed by extractions and microderm if time permits and your skin allows. Healing takes about  3 days.  We encourage you to use the  Blu-U Light  right after your facial to kill bacteria and calm your skin. 
30 Minute Facial      - $75
1 Hour Acne Facial  - $120
1 Hour Acne Facial  + Blu-U Light - $130
1 Hour Back Facial  + Blu U  Light - $130
See also: Skin Care & Salicylic Peel
Blu-U Light

An effective and painless way to kill P. Acnes bacteria.  The treatment is 21 minutes, painless and can be used on your face, chest and back.


Treatments may be done 3x per week.

Blu-U Light treatment - $25

Cortisone Injections

A quick fix for those sore, underground pustules that sit under your skin and take a week to go away.  

Cortisone injection - $25


Levulan activated by the Blu-U light is highly effective in treating acne and scarring.  Face, chest or back may be treated.  Please  read more about these treatments here: Levulan