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Hair Restoration

male hair restoration

Hair loss and hair thinning affects both men and women and it can be frustrating when it comes to finding a treatment option that is right for you. There are multiple hair restoration choices on the market and some of the questions that arise are:
Does it work? How many treatments will I need? Is it painful? What is the downtime, if any? 

We are excited to offer a revolutionary new treatment option for hair restoration called Alma TED. 

What is TED? Trans-Epidermal Delivery. The Alma TED device utilizes acoustic sound waves and air pressure to deliver proprietary hair care that is formulated with essential growth factors deep into the scalp. This method of application stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles resulting in stronger, thicker hair and a healthier scalp. Unlike the various methods of hair restoration such as needles or surgery, TED is painless and there is no downtime so you can resume your regular routine without interruption. A series of 3 treatments is needed in order to achieve optimal results. Call us to schedule your consultation and ask about package pricing options. 

Alma TED hair restoration before and after photos
TED hair restoration man before and after photos
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