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Weight Loss
weight loss
Our weight is one of the most noticeable aesthetic things about us! Your weight is also a main factor in the health of your body. Let our physicians at FlashLaser help you on your weight loss journey to a healthier, happier you.

One of FlashLaser’s methods of assisting you with your weight loss is seeing if you are a good candidate for a phentermine prescription. Phentermine is a medication that helps suppress your appetite and is used as a supplement to diet and exercise to help with weight loss. Because it is a prescription medication, a consultation with one of our doctors is required. During the consultation, you will be weighed, your BMI calculated, and your blood pressure taken. The doctor will discuss with you the health benefits and risks of this medication and will determine if you are a candidate for prescription. We fill phentermine prescriptions here in our office, and prescriptions can be refilled for 6 months before a follow-up visit with the doctor is required.

Initial consultation for new patients - $75

Follow-up consultations - $50

Vitamin B12 Injection 

B12 is a vitamin that is essential in our bodies, and recent studies have shown 40% of Americans have some level of B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 helps your body properly use carbohydrates and fats in your food and turn them into energy and create new protein. It is also used in your body to keep blood cells and nerve cells healthy, and create healthy DNA. If your body is deficient, B12 can be supplemented through a simple injection. This injection can boost your metabolism and energy levels, helping you lose weight. It’s a safe and quick option to help boost your body’s B12 back to optimum levels.


Vitamin B12 Injection - $25

MIC Injections

Methionine, Inositol & Choline are the three injectable vitamins that make up this fat burning cocktail. Methionine assists the digestive system by breaking down fat deposits within the arteries. Inositol assists in the transfer of important nutrients at the cellular level by converting fats into useful forms of energy in order to stimulate healthy cell membranes and Choline helps regulate cholesterol levels and assists in controlling weight gain by ensuring cells remain at their optimal level. MIC injections can be combined with B-12 for increased immunity. 

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