Laser Hair Removal is a treatment used for permanent hair removal all over the body. It uses laser technology to target the root of the hair, killing the follicle and permanently stopping hair growth.

We use the Splendor X laser hair removal system which has Blend X technology that fires both Alexandrite and Nd: YAG wavelengths. This makes it possible for all skin types to be treated. Whether you have dark or lighter skin and hair, this laser works effectively on all types of skin. It even works on most people with blonde hair. The laser spot on the Splendor X is square rather than round which provides faster more uniform coverage of the treatment area. The amount of treatment sessions is less using the Splendor X, it is approximately 4-6 sessions spread out 6-8 weeks apart in order to achieve no hair regrowth and then 1-2 sessions per year for maintenance. Patients have reported that the discomfort is minimal during the laser treatment and there is minimal to no down time post treatment.  


We offer 10% off of packages of 3, and 20% off of packages of 6. We are happy to answer any questions regarding packages or treatable areas.


Laser Hair Removal
Before and After 6 treatments of Laser Hair Removal on the chest
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