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Skin Care

Your skin is your largest organ, protecting your body from bacteria and infection. If your skin is healthy, it helps keep the rest of your body healthy. The following treatments are designed with the health of your skin in mind, with added benefits like anti-aging and skin brightening.  
Signature Facials
Nurse Judy Hiscox giving a patient a facial for acne
1 hour signature facial
FlashLaser Signature Facials

The FlashLaser Signature Facial is an excellent choice for all ages and skin types. This is because it’s custom tailored to the needs of each individual. During the Signature Facial, your skin type is evaluated, and the products and techniques used are adjusted to best care for and rejuvenate your skin. Every Signature Facial includes cleaning, steaming, extractions, microdermabrasion, and application of one of our preferred masques. All of our facials are performed by our RN so you can rest assured that your skin’s health and repair are our primary concern. 

1 hour Signature Facial - $130

30 minute Signature Facial - $75

15 minute Signature Facial - $45


As we age, our skin doesn’t turn over as quickly – this means old, dead skin rests on the surface of our skin for longer. Microdermabrasion gently polishes away those dry dead skin cells leaving behind skin that is fresh and smooth. Microderm is a physical exfoliation rather than chemical and upon completion will allow your skin to absorb products better as well as provide a smooth surface for make-up.  We use the Dermasweep microdermabrasion system that is brushed based. It has four different brush strengths from strongest, to gentlest to provide the most thorough exfoliation. It also has an option called Epi-Infuse which infuses beneficial products such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and kojic acid into your skin during the exfoliation process. This helps balance oil production and increase cell turnover.  Microdermabrasion is included in our 30 minute and 1 hour signature facials and can be used on all skin types for the face, neck, décolleté and back.

Microdermabrasion session (30 minutes) - $75

Microdermabrasion with Epi-Infusion - $120

Microdermabrasion treatment for skin exfoliation
Vitamin C Facial
Vitamin-C Facial

Our Vitamin-C facial includes products by Hylunia which have all natural plant based vegan ingredients. It hydrates your skin and helps improve to appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

First your skin is cleansed with a natural cream cleanser, then a vitamin-c, ginseng and green tea exfoliant is applied, the third step is an anti-oxidant vitamin mask which is left on for 10 minutes. Finally, vitamin-c serum is applied along with super moisturizing facial lotion. Your skin will be glowing and rejuvenated. Perfect for dry, sun damaged, and wrinkled skin. 

Vitamin-C Facial- $85

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