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Botox, Dysport & Xeomin


No one likes looking in the mirror and seeing lines on their forehead, crows feet, laugh lines and frown lines in between their eyes. Thankfully there is a way to make those lines disappear. They're called Neuromodulators and their job is to temporarily block nerve signals in order to stop muscle movement. Once the movement has stopped which takes around 7 to 10 days, your skin can remold and the lines will disappear giving you smoother skin and a softer look. We offer Botox, Dysport and Xeomin which all have the same active ingredient botulinum toxin. Botox and Dysport have proteins added to the toxin as a protective barrier whereas Xeomin is formulated without extra proteins which is meant to be a purer version of the neurotoxin. All three work for the same amount of time, 3 to 4 months. 


Botox is also used to treat migraines, jaw disorders such as  TMJ, muscle spasms of the neck and back as well as excessive sweating. 

Botox Cosmetic         $12.50 per unit

Botox Therapeutic    $11.00 per unit

Dysport Cosmetic   $12.50 per unit

Xeomin Cosmetic   $11.50 per unit
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