Levulan or Amino-Levulinic Acid is a clear serum that is activated by light, and helps skin rejuvenate itself quickly. It is used to treat acne, scarring, and to improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin. It is typically used on the face but can be applied to other areas, such as the chest or back.

Levulan works in two parts. To begin, the solution is mixed and immediately applied to your skin. It is allowed to absorb and penetrate your skin for 1-3 hours, depending on the desired response.  Your skin then becomes extremely sensitive to light. After the incubation, the excess Levulan is washed off and your skin is 'activated' by either Blu-U Light, IPL, or both. This photo-activation kills abnormal cells which can develop into skin cancer, as well as helping to control oil production and acne producing bacteria. 

During the light activation, your skin will feel hot and 'spicy'. You can use a cold air blower for your comfort and the nurse will spritz your skin to make you more comfortable. You can also choose to have numbing applied. ​

After your Levulan treatment is completed your skin will be red and feel hot and tight, like a bad sunburn. Your skin is now light sensitive for the next 24 hours so staying inside is required. We recommend scheduling your Levulan treatment for the end of the day to make your trip home the most comfortable. 

After 2-3 days your skin will begin to flake and shed. Shedding usually begins around your mouth and ends at your hairline. During this time, you will want to make sure you moisturize regularly with a non-comedogenic product to minimize the flaking. Our staff would be happy to recommend a product that is suitable for your skin-type. After shedding, your skin will continue to improve in color the the next 2 weeks. If you would like to schedule multiple treatments, they are best spaced every 3 weeks. We highly recommend scheduling one of our medical grade Signature Facials prior to any Levulan treatment in order to fully clean the treatment areas. 

Levulan 1-1.5 hour incubation with Blu-U Light Activation - $575

Levulan 2-3 hour incubation with Blu-U Light Activation - $675

Levulan 2-3 hour incubation with Blu-U Light Activation and IPL - $775

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